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here it comes!

Woah! So after getting trained by the Red Cross and then basically hearing nothing, suddenly they want me for three weeks! Because of possible damage and evacuations due to Tropical Storm Ernesto. I'm all aflutter! No idea what to expect.
More later.


Every Wednesday I go to an art class in a local coffee shop. It's pretty laid-back, which is great. However, one of my fellow students, who was not there today, has been the subject of quite some discussion among the rest of us.

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Yesterday I thought I had eaten something bad, because I was feeling sick from time to time, but today I was sure what it really was. This is one of the worst migraines I've ever had. It's really bugging me because both last month and this month I had these really awful migraines. If it's getting worse I'm not going to be happy!
This sucks. :(

stargate scans

Will have these up in hires soon.

ETA: Pics should now be functional, I hope! *crosses fingers*

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ikea day

Today we took my mom to the doctor for another sinus checkup. Apparently everything is going well. After that we went over to IKEA, because they have inexpensive frames. There are a few shows coming up and so we all have paintings that need framing. Of course we picked up a few other bits and pieces, like fabric boxes for clothes that fit on shelves. We had meatballs :-) too. By the time we were heading home a very powerful thunderstorm built up. So I could only get on the computer very late.
For those who are interested, the Stargates this week were I think a bit of filler before the big 200th episode of SG-1 next week, although a new set of villains got introduced on Atlantis. Apparently the Wraiths were not enough! The Asurans are apparently the Pegasus galaxy version of the Replicants, with a few twists. At least they're opposed to the Wraiths also.

Something I'd love to know is how people get different icons to pop up next to their entries here. I'd love to do that!

read this poem

It's not too late. Don't give up. Stay safe everyone and my love to you all.

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We've been having a ton of thunderstorms lately and they've been eating into my computer time, which is a bummer. And I've been driving myself nuts over this drawing that's going to have Cloud Strife and Legolas in it and I just couldn't get the composition right, for some stupid reason. I finally got it though and now I can get the drawing done. It's really fiddly drawing all those metal bits and straps on Cloud's outfit and I gave Leggy a makeover so he'd look like part of the future world, which meant more bits and pieces. Grr. Then I can get on to the fun part which is the coloring! Woot!
On other art fronts, the show that my mom and I were supposed to have has been "postponed" until next year. Which is good because it gives me time to make some more paintings but bad, because maybe the gallery just doesn't want to have the show at all. But I'm going to stay positive and work on some more paintings for it.
The music I'm listening to is kind of important. Two years ago I was very very good friends with the musicians in that band, as well as listening to their music a lot. I was going to go to work for them but they chose to manipulate our friendship and try to get me to work for free - for an indefinite period of time. I felt so betrayed, because we were so close. It's taken me until now to even be able to listen to their music again, and I think that's a very good sign that I am. It's good stuff, really. Strange that such beautiful music can come from such nasty people. Of course the same people who stabbed me in the back have done the same to the rest of the band - only one of the people who was in the band for the Sjofn CD are still in the band, guess who?
Well, enough about them. Bishonen boys are calling me from their scribbled papers wanting to be complete.

Aug. 6th, 2006

earthquakes in california part 2

So the trip started badly. Unfortunately since my cousin was getting married, my parents decided to come along. For the whole trip. Which meant my dad started off the trip with a major tantrum about us being late, and his temper refused to improve for the rest of the trip.

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earthquakes in california part 1

Since I haven't posted in a while I just had to post quickly, but I'll post more later.
First of all, Comic Con was wonderful, but also kind of overwhelming - I learned a lot but it also put my work into perspective. I didn't get a job, alas, but I did get some nice art books from Japan. It seems the anime/manga people aren't hring that much at this con.
After this we went to my cousin's wedding, which was nice but very hot outdoors. I'd sort of lost touch with that side of the family and it was good to reconnect with them all. She's a graphic designer, so I hope we can talk shop at some point too! BTW because of her wedding I missed the Stargate guys at Comic Con. Just in case some of you were wondering.
The last three days we've been in Monterey, at the aquarium (the one with the jellyfish, Litchi!) and we got to take a behind the scenes tour. We got to feed fish, and they got really excited about it *lol*. We also got to take a boat trip with the marine biology ship from the aquarium, and gather starfish and plankton to check the health of the bay.
Now we're heading back, so I'll be posting more soon. So far the internet access has been spotty, either I didn't have the right cable or the fees would have been exorbitant, or whatever. Grrr. I've been in internet withdrawal!!


I thought this was pretty funny! Sick sense of humor huh?

Note: it's a video, I don't know how long it takes to download on dialup.

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