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hurry up and wait....

I made it! to Tampa. Finally, after a red-eye to Charlotte, early morning flight to Orlando and circuitous bus trip to Tampa. I was prepared for camping out in a shelter, and so to be put up in a very nice hotel in Tampa was a nice surpirse.
It's frustrating how many people bitch about it, though. Too many of my fellow Red Crossers seem to expect the whole thing to be laid out for them and they complain if it isn't!! Unbelievable! Fortunately my roomate, a nice older lady, is not of that ilk. We went and got some dinner (we get a per diem) and had a nice talk about her experiences with other disasters. Yes, it was a nice converstaion anyway!
Tomorrow morning at 7:30 I may finally get assigned to do something - most likely going around in a truck delivering food. But then again I may have nothing at all to do, and since I'm in downtown Tampa I intend to explore.
I'm on an expensive connection at the hotel so I'll sign off now. I'm looking forward to this! It's already shooting off lighting like crazy aroud here, very exciting.

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